When we brought the baby home from the hospital, I had no idea how hot she would get. Since our little one was barely 5 lbs we had to buy the head support pads for her so her tiny head would not flop around all over the place in her car seat. But no matter how long we cooled the car off before we left the house we still ended up with a super hot and cranky baby. I do not blame her! Who would not be cranky in that uncomfortable and hot car seat! I felt really guilty not being able to keep her comfortable.

One day we were browsing at Babies”R”Us and I saw this fan, but the price was kinda high for a little fan and the reviews were not all that great. So I left without the fan and thought about it more when we got home. Once the temp hit almost 110 degrees I decided it was worth the money to at least give it a shot.

As the reviews say on the Babies”R”Us website, the fan does not blow hard. However, who in their right mind wants a fan blowing a lot of air on a baby and chances are you are going to need to point it in the baby’s face! I will be honest, when we put the batteries in my husband complained that the fan did not blow enough air. This is not an issue at all! Once we attached the fan to her car seat, she was comfortable and has been cool ever since! It is amazing and well worth the money.

I feel so strongly about this Babies R Us Stroller Fan, I am posting this review without compensation or contact from anyone 🙂


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