A few months ago I was contacted by Treat Beauty and informed that I had won a contest that I had entered and that I could select one of three gift sets on the website. I love winning contest! Free things are great.

I have just started this past year dabbling into the makeup world. For many years I was a work at home mom. I didn’t wear makeup unless it was for a business meeting or a wedding. It takes time, money and patience. I didn’t use lip gloss or balm. I didn’t even use moisturizer on my face. I was just a plain Jane for the most part. Which makes me question if my husband was aware of the commitment he was making when we got married. lol

I selected the Confectionary Organic Jumbo Lip Balm Gift Set. They were out of stock at the time but the company still sent it to me which was really cool. I selected this set because the flavors sounded great!


First of all, the packaging that it came in was really great. They took a lot of care in to making sure the goods go to me in great condition. The gift set consisted of three different flavors: Marshmallow Cream, Sugar Cookie & Confetti Cake. They are USDA Certified Organic and cruelty free which means no testing on animals. When they say jumbo, they mean jumbo. These things are 2x the size of a normal sized lip balm. Which is not bad at all, its great!


They are smooth, extremely yummy smelling and really do moisturize very well. They last for a while on the lips (if you can keep from licking it all off). My most favorite is the Marshmallow Cream, the Sugar Cookie is a tasty second and the Confetti Cake smells great but doesn’t have a lot of flavor.

All in all, when these run out I would be more than happy to buy more from Treat Beauty.

You can find the gift set here. The set runs $28. It looks like it is very popular and often out of stock but you can also buy these individually as well 🙂


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