School is out for summer; the kids are home; and it is hotter than ever. As if the AC running nonstop isn’t enough to drive up your energy bill this summer, parents’ pet peeves are racking up along with unnecessary and costly energy usage, such as: the fridge wide open, the backdoor never seeming to close and the TV, the laptop and the Wii all on at the same time.

To help put an end to these bad energy habits and find out which ones are breaking the bank and which just drive you nuts, Reliant has identified parents’ top five pet peeves for home energy use and some helpful solutions to these problems. These small actions by the kiddos may seem harmless, but they can make a big impact on the environment and summer energy bills.

Check out the videos here!

And remember – just because the temperature is rising doesn’t mean your household energy bill should as well. Do your part to help keep energy use and parental annoyances down this summer.


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