February is Heart Health Month, and Post Shredded Wheat, a cereal recommended by 9 out of 10 doctors to help maintain a healthy heart, is working to make heart health a little more fun, and more delicious!   One of the easiest ways to help prevent heart disease is through a healthy diet and regular exercise, and Post Shredded Wheat is helping make those steps easier for people over 50 in 2014.  
You may not be considered a “senior,” but I’m sure you would love to help your mom, dad, and friends say “game on!” to a healthier lifestyle!  Forget the Winter Games – on, you can vote for a new extreme sport to be added to the National Senior Games – the Olympics for people over 50!  The Senior Games will either add judo, fencing, soccer, weight lifting, or power lifting to its roster of sports this year.  People over 50 can also enter to join “Team Post Shredded Wheat” and win a free grant to their local senior games, plus sports gear and a month’s supply of Post Shredded Wheat…a prize worth over $250! 


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