Why do I want to use cloth diapers?

My mom used cloth diapers on me an my brother because she had to, not because she wanted to. I hear this a lot from the older generation. Disposable diapers were just not an option. So why is it that you hardly ever see some one using cloth diapers on their babies? Convince! At least that is what I think. That and fear, fear of the unknown.

I have made the change to cloth diapers from disposable diapers this past week with the help of a super amazing woman, Anne, and avid follower of Central Texas Mom. Anne was so kind to give me all her cloth diapers and supplies to get me started on this journey. And I am extremely grateful to her.

There are so many different brands, shapes, sizes, colors and styles of cloth diapers that it could make your head spin. So many rules to learn. But in the end I do think, so far, that it will be worth it.

  • Chemical free!
  • Save money
  • one disposable diaper takes several hundred years to decompose

Yes, my husband thinks I am crazy and will not use them. This will be a battle I will have to work on.  But so far things have been going smooth. I did notice that at night she does not sleep as well because when she was using a disposable diaper, the chemicals would wick away the moister where as the cloth diaper does not.

I will let you know how things develop on this journey! Wish me luck 🙂

Do you use cloth diapers? Do you have any tips or suggestions, leave a  comment below and let me know.


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