Both my girls have a birthday in February. They are at the age where they have have a joint party. I have been researching for a local place to have a party that is affordable. Its really hard to do.

We have decided to go with McDonald’s. Why? It was the most affordable option. We will be paying for 2 parties at the same time so the kids can invite 10 kids each. $49.99 for each party. This comes with a happy meal for each child, a party planner, cake and some fun stuff for the kids (hat and some toy stuff)

We had to have the party in the next town over because our local McDonald’s was $69.99 per part. So be aware prices differ by location. Also, last year the party was $29.99 so they have almost doubled the price. So make sure you check with your local McDonald’s about the price of having a birthday party.

After the party I will post up a review and let every one know how it went. Have you had to plan a child’s birthday party? Post below about your Birthday adventure I would love to hear how your adventure went and where you had your child’s birthday party!


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