October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In in honor of that we have a great book review covering just that topic. The book is Healing with Words by Diana M. Raab.

Author Bio:

Diana M. Raab, MFA, RN was born in Brooklyn, New York and received her undergraduate degree in Health Administration and Journalism in 1976. A few years later she received her RN degree. After 25 years as a medical and self-help writer, she’s directed her creative energy towards nonfiction and memoir writing. In 2003 she earned her MFA in Writing from Spalding University’s low-residency program.

She is the author of eight books. Her most recent release, Healing With Words: A Writer’s Cancer Journey (2010) is a memoir/self-help book which includes reflections, experiences, journal entries and poems all emphasizing the healing power of writing. In addition to extensive appendices, each chapter finishes with blank pages and journaling prompts for the reader to write about their own experiences.

Healing With Words: A Writer’s Cancer Journey – winner of the 2011 Mom’s Choice Award for Memoir/Biography

Book Review:

Diana Raab is an exceptional writer. You get a first hand experience of a fate many women will endure. She conveys emotions so well that I felt her pain, shock, anger and fear. I come from a family of cancer survivors but in our family it was always hidden and downplayed. This book really opened my eyes to an experience that I was often shut out of and therefore never really understood. At a time when cancer is at an epidemic level, stories of survivors will be comforting and empowering for those with a diagnosis.

Diana Raab should be commended for her way of writing. She allows the reader in by not sugar coating her experience. She offers a real life view of what 1 in 8 women will experience. All this while telling her story in such a graceful way. Even if you have not been diagnosed I recommend reading this book. In your lifetime you will most likely come in contact with some one, maybe close to you, who is experiencing the exact same thing. This book will open your eyes a little and hopefully you can offer the support and comfort they need.

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6 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness Month "Healing With Words: A Writer’s Cancer Journey"”

  1. I have a friend who is going through this right now and I have an aunt who passed away from breast cancer. I have learned the importance of doing breast exams,having a mammogram done and watching my diet as well.

  2. Yes, I had a suspicious lump and am awaiting a mammogram I just had! It is frightening, and enlightening. I never showed so much interest up until now.

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