$10, you get $20 worth of Cuban fare at Habana.

The manifestation of Cuban transplants Ron and Yasbel Flores, Habana culls from old family recipes and classic cocktail concoctions to craft a menu steeped in traditional Cuban flavors. Best-selling item lechon asado steeps tender pork shoulder overnight in garlic ($13.75), protecting it from hungry vampires, and the signature sandwich, the cubano, presses ham, roast pork, and swiss cheese between thick slices of cuban bread ($8.75). Spicy tomato sauce drizzles over cubed beef and potatoes ($11.50), and seasoned cracker meal encrusts chicken breast sweetened with pineapple salsa ($13.50). The quimbombo ($11.50) eschews meat for fresh vegetables, bulking up an okra stew with peppers, onion, and chunks of plantains ripened.

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