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Last week my three girls and I made a typical trip to Walmart SuperCenter to get groceries and take a look at what new and cool things they have out for the upcoming holiday.

nature-made-walmart2Since having my little one, going to the store is not very a very therapeutic process for me and my older girls. So, we try to make the trip as fun as possible by looking at new and interesting things and playing eye spy during the shopping process. Unfortunately, most of the time I am the mom that people stare at with pity when hear a child screaming bloody murder because she didn’t get to eat the goldfish right out of the container while we are standing in the cracker isle.

I try to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle but with work, a blog and three kids that are in activities I can feel like the best me I should be. I am still in the sleep deprived mode with the little one and sometimes need a little help. As we all know, Walmart has everyday low prices on all products that includes Nature Made® products, which makes it easy to stock up and save, there’s no need to wait for a sale. So, I decided to give Nature Made® a try. Nature Made® is easy to find in the vitamin and supplement section of the store by the pharmacy.

nature-made-walmart3I decided to purchase Nature Made® Multi for Her plus Omega-3s Adult Gummies and Nature Made VitaMelts® Energy. I am sure you notice a trend here; I don’t like pills. So, I appreciate a Brand that offers products in gummy and melt form for people like me. I was happy to find out that Nature Made® has a variety of vitamins, minerals, and supplements (VMS) to help support nutritional gaps with your health goals in mind ranging from Digestive Support, Heart Health & Function, Energy Metabolism, Women’s Health and much more!†

I selected the Nature Made® Multi for Her plus Omega-3s Adult Gummies because they would be easy to take on a daily basis. They are made for women and have 60mg of omega 3s as well as EPA and DHA. They have natural fruit flavors of lemon, orange and strawberry. Quite tasty! They do not contain iron. But they are gluten free which I know a lot of people can’t consume gluten.

I decided to purchase the Nature Made VitaMelts® Energy to see if it would help me out as well. It contains Vitamin b12 to support my energy on a cellular level. This product comes in mixed berry favor.

Probiotic are hot right now, you read about them online and on tv all the time now. It’s great that Nature Made® Probiotics are available at your local Walmart SuperCenter. Nature Made® Probiotics: Nature Made® Advanced Dual Action Probiotic has been clinically studied and provides dual support to both your small and large intestine for comprehensive coverage to help support digestive balance and healthy gut flora.† Note: Nature Made® Probiotics are only available at Walmart SuperCenter locations.

Nature Made® vitamins and supplements: An easy, convenient way to help your body get the nutritional support it needs every day, whether it be to support bone health, immune health or energy metabolism (helping convert food into energy).†

In doing my research I found out the Walmart Nature Made® Retailer Hub is having a contest! Make sure you visit to find out more about Nature Made® and to enter to win one of 60 Walmart gift cards worth $50 each. (No Purchase Necessary).

After doing that, make sure you visit and join the Nature Made® Healthy Habit Builder program where you can get motivation and tips around your specific health goals.


*Based on the 2016 U.S. News & World Report – Pharmacy Times Survey.

†This [These] statement [statements] has [have] not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This [These] product[s] is [are] not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.