Did you know that one in eight women will get breast cancer in her lifetime?

One in eight. That is equivalent to an inner circle of girlfriends or the women in an extended family. While breast cancer rates are lower among non-Caucasian women, death rates are higher among African American and Latina women. In fact, every hour and a half a Latina woman dies of breast cancer in the United States.

Early detection is the best defense against breast cancer. The earlier breast cancer is detected, the higher the survival rate. In fact, when detected during the early (localized) stage – the five year survival rate is 98 percent.*

This year, the P&G Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign has partnered with The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to not only educate women, but also the men in their lives, about the importance of early detection. Ladies, you can help save lives by spreading the message that early detection is the best defense in the fight against breast cancer, and creating and following an early detection plan while encouraging others to do the same. Gentlemen, this October, decide when your “day of action” will be and encourage the women in your life to take action and create an early detection plan.

You can visit http://www.pgeveryday.com/bca to hear P&G employees’ inspiring stories about moments made possible in their lives due to early detection and download the NBCF’s Early Detection Plan App, available throughout the month of October.

*National Cancer Institute

P&G-Breast-Cancer-Awareness-campaignAbout P&G’s Contribution to the National Breast Cancer Foundation

The 2013 P&G Breast Cancer Awareness campaign will help save lives by making a $500,000 donation to The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). Since 2008, P&G has donated more than $2.1MM to the NBCF to help save lives through early detection, awareness and education. More than 80 percent of all donations to the NBCF go to programs that benefit women.

Website: www.pgeveryday.com/bca
Twitter: @PGeveryday
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pgeveryday


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43 thoughts on “P&G Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2013”

  1. My sister's friend got breast cancer at a young age, and I make sure to have a mammogram every year! It is so important for early detection!

  2. My cousin, who is 2 months older than me, hadn't gotten a mammogram in a few years and when she finally went in, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have gotten a mammogram every year since I turned 40 and for sure will continue to do so!

  3. Thankfully, there has not been anyone in my family who has had breast cancer, however, my Mum's next door neighbor fought breast cancer twice before she passed away. It was so difficult to watch the progression of this terrible disease. I do monthly BSE's and have a mammogram every two years. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  4. I have co-workers who have had breast cancer. My mother died of ovarian cancer as well so, I have always been conscientious about cancer prevention and screenings. I make sure to go to all my annual appointments.


  5. I have only knowwn one person with breast cancer and it was a friend who caught it very early. It for sure made me believe in early detection and do self exams and mammograms when odrered.

  6. Yes, I know people who have had breast cancer. Thankfully, my exam is already scheduled for this month otherwise I would've made sure to make it after reading this.

  7. My great aunt is a survivor and I have many friends who are survivors or who have had family that passed. It's so important to pay attention to your body and get checked!

  8. My GM passed away from cancer so it scares me but I am not aware of a family history beyond that that would make me high risk. I check myself regulary and get an annual exam.

  9. I don't know anyone who has had breast cancer. I am seeing a lot of commercials for breast cancer awareness now though, and it is really moving me to get checked.

  10. One of my awesome friends I just met 2yrs ago was going through breast cancer treatments, which encouraged me to get checked because she shared the importance with me, she is my shero!

  11. One of my friends had breast cancer, as did her grandmother (twice), mother, 2 sisters and 3 cousins. Knowing this gets me to my mammogram appointment every year.

  12. A friend had breast cancer it has made me much more proactive shee calls me every month reminding me about monthly exams.

  13. my grandmother had breast cancer, she had surgery than about 5 years later they found cancer in her lungs, brain and she died not long after, this has seriously encouraged me to get checked. there are more people than you can even imagine that have it.

  14. I have a friend who is 39 and just had a full mastectomy, only to find out she still needs chemo. She just completed round one about a week ago and is in great spirits. This has definitely made me more aware of the fact that women in their 30s should be just as aware as women in their 40s!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  15. No I haven't or had any family members who have. I know someone who did and had to get a mastectomy over 20 years ago and she later passed away. Then in recent years I know of someone who receive treatment and is cancer free for now. I try to stick to a diet that is rich & high in natural antioxidants that cleanse free radicals cells.

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