I love technology gadgets! The Picture Keeper is just that, a really cool little gadget that every family should have. 
Just last year my desktop computer died. I did not care so much for the computer because I had upgraded to a laptop BUT it crashed before I could move all my important pictures over. I lost every thing. All my

I can't count the times one or both of my kids asked me "Mom what's for dinner"? I don't know, that is the honest answer. Most the time. I am unorganized, fly by the seat mom. I am so busy working, blogging, going over homework to even think about food. This is where Cook'n Recipe Organizer Software comes in to save

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I shopped around for the cutest scrapbook stickers and embellishments. It was a pretty costly endeavor. Once she was born, I had such high hopes of documenting each and every day of her life.  Then it happened, the sleepless nights, diapers, feedings, teething.... before I knew it, she was 5 and I had 4 pages of my scrapbook done.


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My goal starting Central Texas Mom was sharing what Central Texas has to offer, with the world. Providing local moms a way to learn about new business, events and eateries in the area. And also giving my family the fun opportunities to enjoy things that we wouldn't typically have the chance to enjoy. Thank you for following us though the years on our adventures and here is to many more adventures to come.

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  • And had to make a diaper lol. Just cutting, no sewing involved on this one. She's happy.
  • A sleeping bag with pillow attached, as requested by my demanding minion.
  • I have started to sew, and I am posting things as I go :-) this is a women's top I altered to fit my 7 year old like a mini dress.
  • Waiting at the dentist office.
  • Easter breakfast yum.
  • Hey guys, I just tried out this cool meal delivery company @craveitnutrition They are a local, home grown company #ctx #shoplocal But the best thing is the food is delivered where ever you need it and it taste really yummy too! #yummyfood Oh yeah, and it is healthy too.

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