CentralTexasMomFamilyPictureMy name is D’Ann and I am Central Texas Mom. I am 37 years old and the mother of 3 amazing little girls, Big Girl is 14 and Middle 11 and Baby is 3 years old. And happily married to my wonderful husband for 14 years as of September 21st.

I am a work at home mom so I can be home when my children are home. I know I am very lucky. I work for local web design company Josiesque Designs and I have an amazing boss. When I am not working on websites or taking care of my family, I am blogging.

Honestly, I started blogging when I saw other people blogging and thought to myself “I should have been doing that years ago!” It did start out with coupons but now it has become so much more. Once and a while I will mention a coupon but that is NOT the main focus of my blog. I can’t keep up with the amazing coupon blogs there are already out there.  So I decided on a change of pace and focus on a family blog for local events, products and businesses and venture out of the Central Texas area once and a while. You can see my Media Kit here.

As a family, we love going places. We love the adventure of going to a place that we have never been before or going to a place that we love again and again. For example; parks, beach, amusement parks. We think travel is so much fun and just do not get to do it as often as we would like because of financial reasons. We love hotels! Who doesn’t love hotels? It’s an adventure every time!

We love food! We are a family that cooks all the time. My Little One often cooks dinner for us start to finish all by herself. Although the children have not crafted the skill of cleaning yet, much to my appointment lol. Whenever we have enough money to try out a new restaurant, we are excited. It is like an exploration for the whole family. I am lucky my husband is relaxed with the idea of me taking pictures. We have reviewed several restaurants now with the whole family. It has become a normal process. The kids even want to take pictures of our food for me 🙂 They are so cute!

My husband Chris works for a local manufacturing company. But when he is home, he is a writer, publisher and a bookbinder. He has made some amazingly beautiful books by hand!

About Central Texas Mom

My goal starting Central Texas Mom was sharing what Central Texas has to offer, with the world. Providing local moms a way to learn about new business, events and eateries in the area. And also giving my family the fun opportunities to enjoy things that we wouldn't typically have the chance to enjoy. Thank you for following us though the years on our adventures and here is to many more adventures to come.

Central Texas Mom



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