For $10, you get $20 worth of gourmet popcorn at Cornucopia.

Cornucopia owner Nadia curates more than 30 creative popcorn flavors that fill silver metallic tins and giftable bags. All sweeter than a love note from a honeybee, candied varieties include caramel, salted toffee, and mexican sopapilla, and chocolate drizzles over the s’mores, zebra, and birthday-cake blends. Savory seasonings such as cheddar cheese, dill pickle, and sundried-tomato basil envelop other puffed kernels. For vegans, Cornucopia prepares madras curry, sweet and smoky barbecue, veggie green corn, and eight other flavors. Customers can blend a trio of tastes in the 3.5-gallon tin ($43), the one-gallon tin ($20), or sprinkle a 21-cup large clear bag ($13.50) of red and green Christmas Mix.

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