Tapestry Dance Company, the worlds only repertory tap dance company presents the premiere of Acia Gray’s ONE STEP AT A TIME – A Journey Toward Present Grace.

“Following the premiere of “Passing It Forward – The American Dream? (chosen recently to showcase at The International Performing Arts for Youth Conference in Madison, WI – for touring through Canada and the US starting in the Fall of 2017), Tapestry Dance Company continues to bring rhythm and light to America’s current unrest with the premiere of “One Step at a Time – A Journey Toward Present Grace”.  This new ensemble creation continues to utilize the beautiful diversity of rhythm tap dance and its powerful voice to change the world.  I’m honored to have such a creative “team” in place to play with.  I can’t wait to witness the final product on opening night” –Acia Gray, Artistic Director 

Working in a collaborative playground with the dancers of Tapestry, this new work presents a rhythmic journey based on a concept and definition of “taking that first step in changing the world for the better – one step at a time.  Where have we been, what are we doing, where are we going, and how do we get there?  – are just some of the questions that have brought unique rhythmic responses not only from the pallet of director/choreographer Acia Gray but some of the best young tap dancers on the international stage today – the members of Tapestry Dance Company.  Not only are these artists presenting new ensemble work within the entire evening but their own poignant choreography and improvisation all responding to the challenge of our time spent as Americans.

You can purchase tickets to ONE STEP AT A TIME – A Journey Toward Present Grace at www.thelongcenter.org. The show will be running October 27th – November 6th, 2016 / (Thurs/Fri/Sat @ 8pm, Sat/Sun @ 2:00pm) at The Long Center / Rollins Theatre.


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