I think is is in our nature, or perhaps as sign of the times that we are always searching for ways to save money.

I have joined the Team Flo Progressive Snapshot Test Drive Program. I am test driving the Snapshot for 30 days free in my car and seeing if I can lower my auto insurance.

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Progressive’s Snapshot®

With Progressive’s Snapshot device — you simply plug it into your car. It will collect and send data to Progressive on the time of day the car is driven, hard brakes and total mileage. After 30 days, Progressive can offer you a discount of up to 30 percent.

Snapshot is now available to policyholders in 42 states and the District of Columbia. And having seen the predictive power of this data, Progressive has launched a major expansion of Snapshot. Drivers now don’t need to be a current Progressive customer to enroll in a 30-day free trial, during which they can learn whether their personal driving habits qualify them for additional savings of up to 30 percent off Progressive’s auto insurance rates. They can then compare that price to the rate they currently pay with their existing insurer. Drivers who test drive Snapshot can track their potential savings on a daily basis during their trial.

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26 thoughts on “Progressive Snapshot Test Drive Program Review”

  1. I probably would, when I am the only one driving my car… right now hubby's is needing repairs and he drives mine… considering how he drives, it wouldn't reflect my true driving style lol.

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  3. We have Progressive insurance. I brought this up to my husband because I thought we should do it. He was against it. I drive like an old lady, according to him, so I'd be fine, but he's a speeder. I think he thinks our insurance would go up if we used. I don't know.

    1. We have Progressive too. When I got this promotion I did not tell them about my insurance at all. I do not think they connect the two together. But you know what, my husband said the same thing lol 🙂

  4. I heard about this, of course, but if you speed or hit the brakes hard it's bad. I have an old Toyota pick up, but I'd like to try it and see! If you're a good driver, you're rewarded with cheaper rates! 🙂 Totally fair!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I would be a little afraid to try the Snapshot program. I live in Bastrop County and I drive on the highway most of the time. I don't do a lot of quick stopping, but I do drive pretty fast. And now if I take the toll road, the speed limit is 80 mph! I can barely get the car up to that speed, but I'd be afraid they think I drive too fast.

  6. I think Flo rocks! Love the commercials. I think the Snapshot is a great idea. It would be for some people but I know some that would definitely avoid it lol But to know that it could save you money in the long run, is really great!

  7. I think it looks cool…but I know I am not the "best" driver….I speed, I make crazy turns…I have never been in a wreck, I know how to handle a car…but I don't think Progressive would "like" my behavior, lol!

  8. Hi, After I given a try to Snap shot I have to said that the was my big mistake. At first they gave me a 5% discount and after six months they said that my vehicle is not longer able to get a discount. Finally I got my renew paperwork and for my surprise it was increase again. After being with progressive for 1 year and a half and every renew they said the same the same excuse for the increase on my policy. they said that the increase is a result of a State insurance increase. I never had a claim, either tickets and my credit score is above 740. Just to let you know how well work progressive, my renew were $1981.27 for two cars. The previous to that one were $1200.81, the previous to that one $1003.10 and the first one $840.41. My coverage is 100/300/50 with 500 deductible, medical expenses $10000 and road assistance. Supposedly i had the military discount, home owner, government employee, clean driving record, etc.. I call then and they don't have any answer for the increase so of course I did my research and make 3 different quote with others company and they told me the same I thought, that It have to be something weird on progressive system. But I just move to Geico, they offer me the same coverage with the exception of the deductible which I changed to $250 instead $500 and I finally paid $856.00, I save more than $1,000.00, yeah you read right one thousand dollars. So next time you think to joint progressive or either enroll in the Snap shot, i will think twice.

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