On February 14th, Alamo Drafthouse is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a very special Valentine’s Feast screening of MOONSTRUCK.  Anchored by an Academy Award-Winning Cher performance and featuring a truly Marlon Brando-caliber performance from Nicolas Cage, MOONSTRUCK is an energetic and comedic tale of love.  This ultimate tale of romance will be made even better with a feast created by Alamo Chef Trish Eichelberger that is inspired by the film.

(Photo credit-Annie Ray):
(Photo credit-Annie Ray):

“This is a great food movie,” says Eichelberger, “mainly because of the central nature of food in the Italian family.  It seems no rite of passage in the typical Italian family, be it just waking up or getting married, happens without a meal of some sort.  All of the dishes being served at the MOONSTRUCK Valentine’s Feast are inspired directly from the movie.  The Italian Wedding Soup is in honor of the proposal(s).  The Egg in a Hole with roasted pepper is a dish that Loretta’s mother prepares for her for breakfast. The Steak and Pasta is a meal that Loretta prepares for Ronny. The Champagne Zabaglione is a dessert custard made from sugar and champagne to represent the sugar cubes in the champagne that you see in the film.”

The MOONSTRUCK Valentine’s Feast will be on Friday, February 14 at 7:00PM at Alamo Drafthouse Lakeline in Austin. See and download full menu for the event below to see all four amazing courses.  Tickets are available now!



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