How to Deck the Walls on a Budget

Holiday decorations come second nature when it comes to this time of year; however, trimming the tree, decking the halls, and hanging those Christmas lights doesn’t always come with a cheap price tag. New trends emerge, lights and ornaments needs to be replaced, and those boughs and wreaths that you’ve had for the last 5 years could probably use some updating too.

The holidays are already expensive enough when you have to total up the amount you will have to spend on gifts and the additional food and travel. Don’t further strain your finances by purchasing all new expensive decorations. Instead, consider using some of the following budget friendly ideas to revamp your holiday decorations:

Let the Kids Decorate

If you’ve got a couple of kids, let them in on the decorating action. Let them make paper garlands, snowflakes, and even ornaments to put on the tree. Not only are kids’ decorations relatively cheap to produce because they only require colored paper, glue, and maybe some glitter if you are feeling brave, but they are also adorable. No need for fancy Christmas decorations when you have kiddos around.  Their ornaments will save you money, and steal the show every time.


Have a couple of ornaments that could use some tlc? Or some swag and wreaths that need some sprucing up? Instead of buying all new, consider reusing some of the decorations, ornaments, and embellishments from pre-existing decorations to refurbish old ones. Redo that wreath by taking the pinecones and holly off the swag that is beyond repair. Reusing items will not only give you a few renewed items around the house, but it will also save you money when you do go to buy new decorations.


Buy After Christmas

While this budget friendly idea may seem like an after thought, it is actually a great way to save money. Holiday decorations can drop in price by as much as 75 to 90 percent depending on the store as early as the day after Christmas. So instead of paying $25 for that new wreath, you can get it for $5 after Christmas. Sure, you will have to wait to use your new decorations until next year, but what’s wrong with using your older decorations one more year if it means you could save yourself quite a bit of money now?

Saving money is something that we all like to do, especially around the holidays when many of us are already working with such tight budgets. By alleviating some of the expenses of buying decorations, you can leave yourself with a little more wiggle room at the end of the month and possibly have enough left over to do something for yourself once the holiday has passed. You know you will probably need a little R & R after all that shopping, decorating, wrapping, cooking, and entertaining.

Maya Szydlowski is a Blogger for Veterans United Home Loans, the nation’s leading VA loan provider. 


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