When you’re done having children, the options for birth control are bewildering. You take a pill and mess with your hormones, or, you’re stuck buying condoms like you’re still in college. Even an IUD needs to be replaced every few years and not only is that inconvenient, it can be painful. After you’re settled down with the perfect-sized family, none of these birth control options feel quite as grown up as you are.

Luckily, permanent birth control isn’t just for women. Many of my patients didn’t realize that safe, effective, easy and, most importantly, permanent birth control can be had in just 15 minutes with a vasectomy – and this time, it’s all on the guys.

A vasectomy is a simple outpatient procedure that can be completed in just 15 minutes. For parents who are certain that they’re done having kids but still want to keep the romance alive, it could just be what you’re looking for. If you think it’s a scary surgical operation with complications, well, here’s seven things you never knew about vasectomies.

1. A vasectomy is over, just like that, in about 15 minutes.
Most guys are naturally apprehensive about sharp objects near their plumbing, but the procedure is so short they hardly have time to worry. First, we numb the area with a topical anesthetic (no needles involved). Then, we make a small incision in the scrotum, and clip a tiny bit of the vas deferens—the tube that carries sperm from the testicles into the urethra. Then, close the incision, the size of a pencil-eraser, up with a small absorbable stitch. And we’re done! With the vas deferens clipped, there’s no way for sperm to get out of the testicles, and, typically, after 30 ejaculations, there are no sperm present in the ejaculate.

2. You can go for a spin in just a week.
Most patients are ready to have sex after about a week of recovery. Recovering from the operation is basically an excuse for men to relax on the couch for a few days with an ice pack. However, it takes some time to clear out any residual sperm cells hanging out down there, so we advise protection for around two months after—just to be safe. Our patients go home with a simple at-home test (like a pregnancy test for guys!) that will let you know when your partner has cleared his pipes.

3. A vasectomy increases your chance of having sex.
It’s true: a recent study by Stanford researchers found that men with a vasectomy actually have more sex than men without one! Otherwise, everything will still be similar in bed. Libido, erections and orgasms are the same as they were before the procedure.

4. A vasectomy has no strings attached. Really.
A vasectomy is one of those rare good things in life that might be too good to be true: it’s safe, easy, affordable, comes with a short recovery time, and is more than 99.9% effective.

5. It’s one of the best options for both of you.
A vasectomy is especially appealing when you compare it to a tubal ligation, which is a costly, invasive procedure that requires general anesthesia. I’ve found that many of my patients came to me after their partners researched tubal ligation, learned there was an easier way to take the burden of an invasive surgery off of their wife, and replace it with a simple outpatient procedure.

6. Your man won’t need much convincing.
You’ll be surprised how willing men can be to get a vasectomy once they learn how simple it is. Compared to nine months of pregnancy, and then years of childbirth, he might have it too easy in comparison – spending 15 minutes at the doctor’s office and a few days on the couch. If you’re not sure how to break the ice, we also have fun e-cards!

7. We’re one of the best places in Texas for a vasectomy.
With more than two decades of experience, plus “Top Urologist” and “Patients’ Choice” awards to his name, Dr. Shaw at the Austin Urology Institute is a leader in Texas for all urologic procedures – especially vasectomies. Located right off Mopac Expressway in North Austin, we provide convenient Saturday appointments to accommodate our patients’ work schedules. My staff and I strive to make the vasectomy procedure as informed, easy and painless as possible, and I’m happy to answer any questions that you may have about the procedure. We’ve helped hundreds of families reclaim their love lives from the burden of temporary birth control, and we can help you too. To learn more or schedule an appointment, check out our family planning page.

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