First of all, I want to say I am sorry for not posting as much as normal in these past few months. As you all know at the end of September we had a huge trip to Las Vegas thank you to Miller Lite 🙂 With that and the kids starting school on top of my day job etc, my posting did become lighter and lighter.

Last week I posted on Facebook that I had exciting personal news. I was waiting to go to my first doctor appointment before I said anything publicly. Yesterday I went to the doctor and it is official, so I am happy to share with all of you that we are expecting! 🙂 We are very happy! And the girls are looking forward to having this addition to our family. I am due early next summer.

With pregnancy, at least for me, comes exhaustion, morning sickness and all that good stuff. So, even though I will not always be posting 20x a day, I am still here 🙂 I do have a lot of amazing reviews to share with you all as well as some SUPER AMAZING giveaways just in time for Christmas! So, please stick around.


6 thoughts on “Where has Central Texas Mom been?? Announcement!!”

  1. Congrats!

    Pregnancy is an exciting time of many changes in a woman’s life. But for most women, along with the wonderful baby-waiting experiences, morning sickness often comes uninvited — worst thing.

    Good Luck!

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