I have found a really super cool summer camp! This camp has a lot of locations so be sure to check out the website to find one closes to you!

iD Tech Camps and iD Teen Academies – summer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs where students can learn to create iPhone apps, video games, C++/Java Programs, 3D models, websites, movies, and more at prestigious universities nationwide including Trinity, TCU, SMU, St. Edward’s, the University of Houston, Stanford, Princeton, and others.

iD Tech Camps provides week-long day and overnight technology camps for students ages 7-17, and teen academies for ages 13-18. Students may register for one or several weeks. You’ll find us at the most distinguished universities including Stanford, UCLA, Northwestern, and MIT. Each iD location boasts hand-selected and personally-trained staff, a unique campus experience, and stimulating courses delivered in small “clusters” with a max of 8 students per instructor. Each summer camp season is loaded with brand new real-world curriculum and technology inspired by the biggest names–Adobe®, Apple®, HP®, Microsoft®. They’re not just a computer camp, science camp or technology camp; they are so much more! You can view all summer camp courses by clicking here. Please also feel free to call toll-free at 1-888-709-TECH (8324) to speak with them personally.


iD Tech Summer Camps in Texas

Held at Trinity, TCU, SMU, St. Edward’s, the University of Houston,

Stanford, Emory, Princeton, and 60+ universities in 27 states.

Phone: 1-888-709-TECH (8324)

Website: http://www.internaldrive.com/locations/tx-summer-camps-texas-computer-camps/

Email: info@internalDrive.com

 Love gaming, programming, or filmmaking?  Take hobbies further and gain a competitive edge!  Over 130,000 students ages 7-17 have enrolled in fun and challenging, weeklong day and overnight programs held at 60+ prestigious universities nationwide including Trinity, TCU, SMU, St. Edward’s, the University of Houston,  Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, and others in 27 states.  Small classes (max 8:1) are guaranteed, and taught by adult-only instructors for personalized curriculum with a small group to optimize learning and social experiences. 

 COURSES: Create iPhone apps, programs with C++ and Java, video games, websites, 3D models, robots, films, photos, and more.  Accredited Continuing Education Units are available.

 Year-Round Learning!  New for 2012, students can complement their summer experience by subscribing to iDTech365.com – an online learning community offering tutorials, forums, and video lessons.  And don’t forget about the FREE monthly online workshops.

 Teen-Only Programs:  Also for 2-weeks ages 13-18 immerse in specialized, pre-college, overnight summer programs at iD Gaming Academy, iD Programming Academy, and iD Visual Arts Academy (filmmaking and photography).  Held at UT Austin, TCU, Emory, Princeton, Stanford, NYU, and others.  Visit www.iDTeenAcademies.com for a complete list of courses and university locations.

 Visit internalDrive.com for more information and to register online (check real-time-up-to-the-minute-availability).  Or call 1-888-709-TECH (8324) to speak to a Program Advisor who can recommend a customized summer schedule to develop a student’s interest.


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