It has been 3 years since we had gone a really family vacation and this year it was looking like it would end up being 4 years. But at some point when paying our bills it dawned on me that I had Southwest Airline reward points and we could use that for a hotel say on the beach!  I love the beach. I honestly don’t care what beach it is, any beach as long as I can wake up in the morning and drink my coffee watching and hearing the waves crash against the sand. Its like being in heaven!

Honestly my first choice of location would have been portaranzas because I know it. I have been there countless times. But there just were no options at all with my rewards so I moved along to Galveston. I have nothing wrong with Galveston at all, it’s just that I had not been there since I was really young and there was no beach that I recalled. Just a sea wall, that did not sound like my idea beach watching situation.


It was really nice a quiet, I would imagine it is because of the huge downpouring rain that the whole state of Texas was experiencing during out trip. In addition to that it was the end of September and kids were in school. Apparently not mine, but I figure what is one single day going to hurt. They had an elevator to get you to your floor and close to it they had a trash shoot. That was so cool! Since Holiday Inn Club Vacations is a time share program they do not have a cleaning service. So it was nice to have some where to dispose of your trash. The kids thought it was really cool too.


You open up the door and this is what you see. A great kitchen that has everything you could possibly need. And we put it to good use. I have no problem at all cooking while n vacation and prefer to actually. You save so much more money by not going out to eat. I cooked hamburgers, hot dogs, breakfast: eggs, toast & bacon. Then the rest of the time we snacked on treats or leftovers.


They had a little package of condiments. It would get some one started 🙂 but not enough for this family of five. We thought the little salt and pepper shakers were cute.


Washer and dryer in your room….. omg! This was so cool. And seriously came in handy with little baby spitting up so much we ran out of clothes! They also supplied us with a small amount of laundry soap as well as dish and dishwasher soap.



This is what you would consider the dining room table. We did use it and it was nice to have.


The living room had a fold out couch, which is where the girls slept. There was a flat screen tv and a dvd player. This came in handy at night. The first night we stayed we drove around a little, went to WalMart to get some food supplies and then it started lightning and thundering as storms were moving in. It was exciting to watch from the third floor but it did not help with kids wanting to go to the beach. At Holiday Inn Club Vacations Galveston Beach Resort they have an area where you can borrow DVD’s. This was great! Hubby and the 2 older kids went down to the front desk area and borrowed several movies. It worked out great!





From the living room there was a glass sliding door with a very nice sized balcony. They also had several chairs and two tables. From the balcony you could see the beach as well as the very easy to navigate boardwalk. The boardwalk was one of the best I have ever seen. We too a stroller on it with out a problem at all.



In the bathroom there is a huge glass shower and a jetted tub!! Wow. I had never seen my girls so excited to take a shower.



Our bedroom had a king sized bed. It was really comfy. A huge picture window looking out to the beach and a door to the balcony.


Baby checking out the view from the bedroom and trying out the king sized bed.


The view from our room was amazing. You’d wake up in the morning and right from your bed, without moving you could see the beach! It was just what I had always wanted.


Holiday Inn Club Vacations Galveston Beach Resort was a great place to take  your family.


At the checkin desk they also have a mini store to buy items that you might need such as medicine, sodas, snacks and beer. They also have 2 computers that you can use to get online and a printer as well. There is also a very nice gym.


There was another room off the main office that has foosball, air hockey and other games. They show movies on a screen nightly for people to get together and watch. It is a great idea if you want to get out and mingle or looking for a different family experience!


This is where we went to borrow the DVD’s. They also loan out books as well.



The pool looked great! The infinity pool was really pretty. There were some rooms that walked right out into the pool area. Ans the view of the ocean is still amazing from this point of view. They also have a decent sized hot tub as well.

Would I go to Holiday Inn Club Vacations Galveston Beach Resort again?

Yes! In fact we  had planed to stay there for 3 days 2 nights, but we were having such a great time that we added and extra night stay. Though, it is a little more expensive than what we have ever paid before I do feel in this situation you do get what you pay for!


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