Today me and the girls ran some errands around town. Last night we all got Flu shot and ever since then Little One has had a fever. So we needed to stock up in meds her her.

First we went to Dollar General to get shelf paper. It was only $1.25 which I thought was a great price. Little One got a new used dresser from my parents. It hadn’t been used for years so it was a bit dirty and was in need of new shelf paper.

Then we stopped at Sonic because we were really parched! The kids were convinced that they need milkshakes. Sorry, no. Every one got a small soda, including mom.

Last we stopped at HEB. To say it was packed was an understatement. I spent over 45 minuets circling around the parking lot just to find a spot. The inside was just as insane. I thought if I went to the store during a storm there would be less people but I was very wrong.

For the past month I have been using testing the Progressive Snapshot. It is really cool. You just plug it into your car and go. They provide you with an online login to track your progress. I have always driven like a race care driver and it was not a surprise that Progressive Snapshot felt the same way. However, you should give it a 30 test dive, with no obligation to see if Progressive Snapshot would lower your monthly bill!


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