Yesterday we had a momentous event. My nine year old daughter had her ears priced. It was an exciting event that she would forever remember. I bet you are asking why I waited so long. I know. Most girls have their ears priced really young in age. Well, when I had my first child I decided that she would chose when to do it. I do not exactly enjoy watching my children get shots so, I did not think this event would be much more pleasant. Plus, I wanted my girls to be old enough and responsible to be able take care of the cleaning and maintenance needed when getting any piercing.

I decided to take my daughter to Claire’s in South Austin on Congress and IH34. We went in to the store and was immediately greeted by a young lady and she directed us to the chart box with starter earnings. I looked at it for about 15 minutes before she offered to help. It was confusing with the earrings on one side and description and prices on the other side. And they did not match up with each other. Also, it would he been more helpful if they were listed by price. Although I want the best for my children, I also do not want to break the bank. Prices started at $24 to about $50.

The woman who did the piercing did a very good job. Although she did not talk a lot. After, we looked around the store for odds and ends and found this really cute Halloween headband that my youngest wore to the first day of school today and a really great deal of $1.99 for 2o ponytails. In the end, we enjoyed our time at Claire’s. Is it a place I would go to often, probably not (it is a nitche store) But I would recommend it to people to get a young girl’s ears pierced or to have a fun time with the girls 🙂

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Disclaimer: I visited Clarie’s and reviewed them on my own with out any interaction from the company. I was not compensated in any way.


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