Austin Shakespeare hosts an afternoon of free Story Reading & Singing with Austin Shakespeare for adults and children ages 3 and up at the new Brentwood Social House with stories such as “The Emperor’s New Clothes” and the “Three Little Pigs” performed by professional actors. Brentwood Social House is a recently opened coffee/tea shop serving English and French baked goods with a welcoming backyard and family room. Austin Shakespeare actors include Jill Blackwood, Helen Merino, Janelle Buchanan and Linda Nenno.



Located at 1601 West Koenig Lane in the heart of Austin’s Brentwood neighborhood, Brentwood Social House is open daily serving quiches, savory pies, tarts, scones and more.  Co-owned by Suzanne Daniels (manager) and Sarah Olano (baker), Brentwood Social House is not only a coffee shop, but a community space with free WiFi and multiple well-placed nooks: a main room with tables that seat two to many, a family room and play area filled with toys and books, a quiet room and a large outdoor patio and garden.  Open 7 am to 6 pm, Monday through Sunday.


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