So, are you a cool mom? I am sure most of us think we are cool moms. Or at least strive to be from time to time in our kids lives. One thing I remember vividly is the many requests for Heelys from my children and the look of excitement in their eyes when they finally saw them in a department store. At first, they did not have my girls’s sizes, they were just too young and as a mom that was just fine. 

Central Texas Mom Heelys "Wave" Roller Shoes Review

If I know anything about my kids, it seems they always seek out things to trip on, fall off of or run into like flies to honey. At least as their mom, that’s how it feels.

Just recently I was given the opportunity to try Heelys, as a mom. Wow! At 30-something I was going to be able to try the one thing that my kids most desired! Am I going to be a cool mom now? Will I be able to wiz down the halls at school for a parent teacher meetings? Could I be like the kids you see in Wal Mart gliding by without a care in the world? It’s too good to be true!

Central Texas Mom Heelys "Wave" Roller Shoes ReviewThey are really simple to put together. The instructions were on the inside of the box. Am I in heaven? Its the first time I did not need a 15 page booklet, knife, screwdriver and an alcoholic beverage to assemble something! It even comes with the tool to remove the cover in the bottom of the shoe! Once you pop the wheels in you’re ready to go!

The shoes I have are Heelys “Wave” Roller Shoes (the pink ones pictured above). They are sleek, beautifully made and sturdy. I’m not sure what the material is, but they’re soft and smooth, suede-like on the outside and have plenty of cushion. I will admit it does feel like your foot is going to slip out the back. It would be nice if the back was a little taller. And I’m sure over time that feeling will go away with repeated use. When you walk on hard flooring such as wood or linoleum they make a noise like you are wearing tap shoes and that again is something you have to get use to. I love the look though. 

Central Texas Mom Heelys “Wave” Roller Shoes Review

 I will admit, I am not a skating enthusiast. I have only had skates on one time since I was 9. It’s a different world for me. I’m not saying I don’t like to skate, I just forgot how. 🙂 Using my new Heelys will be a learning experience over time. I think I’ll wear them shopping! That sounds like fun. (Just a note, you can remove the wheels at any time and replace the cover to wear the Heelys as regular shoes)

My kids are now trying to take my Heeles away!

So in the end am I cool mom? My kids think so. And that is good enough for me!

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  1. If you're going to wear them to stores, try using a shopping cart as something to hold on to as you skate. Just my advice.

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