I know I am not the only person in the world that has a pill phobia. But even if you don't have a pill phobia, it is common for morning sickness to make it almost impossible to take pills especially in the first trimester. Because of that, many women are not able to take their prenatal vitamins.

As many of you

Today I went to the Grand Re-Opening of one of the 3 Best Buy San Antonio locations that were celebrating their Grand Re-Opening! San Antonio-area residents were invited to attend Best Buy’s grand re-opening celebrations in three locations including: San Antonio, Alamo Ranch and Legacy. The stores each have new features and designs which allow for a more interactive and accessible shopping experience.


We had a BLAST with our friends and family during our R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour Series Grampires Party! We LOVE The Haunting Hour series so we jumped at the opportunity to have a launch party for the start of the 3rd season.
Along with the screener of Part 1 and Part 2 of Grampires, the first show of the season we were also

Halloween is my family's favorite holiday. First you can dress up like who ever you want and it is socially acceptable. Second, really great shows on tv. Third you get free candy. I know I sound like a 7-year-old lol but I love free candy too.

My youngest really wanted to be Draculaura from Monster High. It’s a really cute

 As a family, we are so busy. Dentist appointments, Doctor appointments, parent teacher meetings, birthday parties, PTA, game night, concerts etc And if your home is any thing like mine, I am the only one that keeps track of every thing. At some point you are going to forget something. Frankly some times my kids are luck that I get the to