Do you recall your mom saying, “I’m going to lose all my hair because of you”? Well at the time it may have been an empty threat but I really am losing all my hair because of my kids!

Seriously, I don’t completely blame them. It’s not 100% their fault. Well…. maybe it is. I love my girls and I would not trade them for anything in the world. They are the sweetest most loving children I know. And they are literally my pride and joy.



Mommy just wants her hair back!

They say you can lose up to 60% of your hair within two to three months postpartum.  The hair loss usually peaks 3-4 months after delivery. I am having a hard time believing that I have only lost in 60% of my hair. My baby is 5 months now so now I guess I am the odd woman out.  It honestly feels like I may have to go wig shopping soon!

I have read that, this hair loss is temporary and hair loss returns to normal within six to twelve months. 6 to 12 months?  To a mommy with a five month old that sounds like an eternity! That is 182 days to 365 days. Yes, I probably would count the days if I had time.

If you know me well, you know that I spend little to no time fixing up my hair.  Normally I have it up in a hair clip. I wasn’t always this way. But once I started having children it made the chaotic life I had just a tiny bit more simple. But now I can see my scalp with my hair up. And I feel like everyone is looking at me.

So, I will wait this out because it is the only option I have. I guess the only positive thing to come from this situation is, I have 2/3 less hair to wash now!

Have you lost hair postpartum?

How did you deal with it? I would really love to know!


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