I am still in shock. You enter contest all the time. And once and a while you will win something small. But this is so amazing! This fall my husband and I will be going to Las Vegas. Thank you to Miller Lite. This is an ongoing contest! You can enter here Taste Points 🙂 Good luck to every one and thank you again Miller Lite!

Have you ever won an amazing trip contest?



6 thoughts on “I won a Las Vegas trip from @MillerLite Miller Lite Vegas Adventure Sweepstakes 2012”

  1. Oh my gosh, so not fair. Since I live in California I'm not eligible to win any prizes! Lame-O!

    Thank you anyway for letting us know about this contest.


  2. Congratulations!!! See you there!! I WON too! WOOOOOHOOOOO Taking my friend and fellow MoM (Mother of a Marine) We can't WAIT! <3

  3. We won too! We are so excited to see some others who won. Can't wait to meet you. Looking forward to a great time!!!

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