So, we decided to work on cleaning up the house and doing laundry as a family this weekend. Unfortunately not much was done. Not for the lack of trying but because my hand me down washing machine decided to purge gallons upon gallons of water in to my wash room floor. Which happens to be located in the middle of my house. If you have a wash room in the middle of your house and your washing machine from hell decides to not turn off when it should, where do you think all that water goes? 

In my hall, living room, office etc. Most all are carpet floors! 

I, like many, can’t afford to buy a new washing machin. Our old one has a timing issue so time after time we had to force it to finish a load. It would often make the wshing and drying time take hours just for one load.

May parents were moving and had bought new washer and dryer set. So they offered us their old set. Now mind you, they are not that old. Boy, when some one offers you a hand me down any thing…. ask questions.

Now, until I have enough money to buy a new one I will have to watch the washer each time I use it to make sure it does what it should. And not flood my whole house!


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