Today I packed up my three girls and visited the the closest baby store (Babies R Us). They were having a special on the formula that we use for the baby. I found the last 2 of the formula I needed and proceeded to go to the checkout counter. 

The baby was starting to get cranky in her stroller/car seat. It was about time for a diaper change and a feeding. So I was trying to get through the checkout process as quickly as possible without her getting too upset.

I just signed the machine when my middle child said “Mom, milk is coming out of her nose”. This has actually happened often to the baby. Some times she is just fine then other times she needs a little help. This time was neither, she could not breath and was turning red!

I unbuckled her as fast as I possibly could, turned her over and started patting her on the back. After a few second she started to scream. Thank god! I was relived and just wanted to get the heck out of there.

The cashier handed me the receipt, I threw all my stuff in the car seat and left. One thing that pissed me off though was that NO one said any thing! No one asked is she was okay. No one acknowledged the incident at all. I know that there ARE nice polite people that work there but clearly the cashier I had to day was not very compassionate at all. Not to mention all the other parents standing around me. It makes me really sad that no one even bothered to say something, any thing.

Maybe I am asking for too much? But some times just a kind word can make you feel better when something stressful like that happens.


1 thought on “Customer Service - No service my trip to the store today - Where is the compassion?”

  1. If its the one I'm thinking. We went there Saturday to get formula and also the diapers. For a place that sells baby and kid stuff that one is not so kid/baby friendly. I think only one person asked us if we needed help. And they never interact with the kids. Lately I've been go the few extra miles and going to the one by my mom. They are a lot nicer and go out of their way to help people. I'm sorry that happened. Can't believe no one asked if she was ok. That's just ridiculous.

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