Brain Chase Productions, the new online entertainment and education company, announced that they will give the winner of their nationwide six-week online summer learning challenge and global treasure hunt a $10,000 college scholarship fund, along with buried treasure and a trip around the world to claim it.

Brain Chase’s challenge is designed to motivate students in grades 2-8 to stay smart over the summer by completing weekly learning challenges to unlock animated online webisodes containing clues to the location of a real life buried treasure. Studies show that the average student loses a month of math and reading ability during summer break, and Brain Chase seeks to help students avoid this “summer slide.” Registration ($199 per student) is currently open at and the adventure begins on June 30 at 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

“We can’t wait to see the look on the lucky student’s face when their shovel hits the crate and they open the treasure chest,” said Allan Staker, CEO of Brain Chase. “We hope it will be as big of an adventure for them as it’s been for us.”

Participating students begin by completing customized weekly assignments in reading, writing, and math, plus bonus challenges in art, science, and orienteering to unlock the next animated webisode. The webisodes contain hidden clues, puzzles, and riddles leading students to the location of the buried Globe of Magellan – a gold-plated, mechanical trophy with a hidden compartment that holds the key to a nearby safe deposit box and a $10,000 college scholarship fund. The globe has already been buried under a rose bush somewhere on Earth. The first participant to complete the six-week Challenge and correctly guess the treasure’s location within a 2-mile radius will be flown with a parent to the secret location to unearth the treasure, unlock the safe, and take it all home.

“Right now, while kids across the country are counting down the days to summer break, the Globe of Magellan is resting patiently under a rosebush somewhere on Earth, just waiting to be claimed,” Staker added.



Brain Chase Productions was launched in 2013 by CEO Allan Staker and Chief Learning Designer Heather Staker. Based in Austin, TX, Brain Chase prevents summer learning loss among 2nd – 8th graders by offering a 6-week Summer Learning Challenge disguised as a massive global treasure hunt. The Season One Challenge begins on June 30, 2014 and features a gold-plated “Globe of Magellan” holding a $10,000 scholarship. Brain Chase will release Seasons Two through Six, with new adventures, mysteries, treasures, and riddles, in subsequent summers. Follow along on Facebook at or on Twitter @BrainChase.

STUDENTS AGES 6-16 AND THEIR PARENTS OR GUARDIANS LEGALLY RESIDING IN THE 44 UNITED STATES & D.C. (excluding AZ, CO, MD, MT, NE, TN). VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Entries close 07/18/2014. Contest ends no later than 12/31/2014. For Official Rules, prize descriptions and odds disclosure, visit


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